Hippy: “Preachy Bumper Stickers”



Normally, I wouldn’t let something like this bother me, but I’ve been seeing this bumper sticker everywhere and it’s “really messing with my zen-thing, man.” I never get road rage, I can tune out traffic and bad drivers with my jams, but there’s nothing that pisses me off more than seeing all these preachy, arrogant, self-serving, no-good, self-affirmations everywhere while I try and zone out to some Bob Marley and drive really slow in the fast lane (FYI: HE > Bumper Stickers). This bumper sticker begs the question “Who asked you?” Now, at least make it cute like:

But stop preaching to some poor bastard stuck in traffic behind you with enough on is plate without having to look at preachy crap like:

Because you truly can’t “change the station” on a car in front of you at a red light. There’s no escape. Plus, how morally presumptuous of you to assume anyone cares about what someone driving a 1987 Dodge Minivan has to say. These one-sided, propagandized,  bumper stickers are “A Statement”. Whereas these are “A Plea”:

These are brilliant, actually. There’s nothing pretentious about them (unless they happen to be on the bumper of a Prius next to an “Obama ’08 sticker). This is not a “Statement”, it’s a “Plea”. This is The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” saying “Hey man. I’m not telling you what to do or what to believe. Just don’t mess with what I’m doing over here.” That’s it. This bumper sticker is asking for a little open-mindedness. It’s not an order. It’s not a guilt trip like this:

We must learn to coexist. And it starts with listening. As Albert Einstein once said, “There are no dialogues. Only intersecting monologues.” That’s the problem. No one listens. So, in the meantime, stop raping our peace of mind with your fundamentalist propaganda and put something funny instead!



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