Money Shots

And now, another edition of “Money Shots”.

Shot to the nuts? That’s what friends are for. Go!

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.” I know. Cuz these people already said it better. Go!

The design flaw of incentive-based behavioral conditioning for repressing negative social conduct: and THE FUNNIEST COMMERCIAL EVER! The Swear Jar! Go!

Politics too confusing? Not if you got some Cows. Go!

The blackest brutha’ in the galaxy Busts a move. Stormtroopers included. Go!

Always know what you’re getting into when dating Asian girls. Asian Money Shot! Go!

Think your a multi-tasker? Find out here. Go!

Some of life’s universal truths. You know…because we care and shit. Go!


About This Week's Obsession

We have you don't have to.
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