Simon Theory: Happy 311 Day!!!!

Happy 311 Day everybody! What? You never heard of 311 Day? Awesome! Then I get to inform you. One of the greatest bands of all-time, 311, has been rocking shows and wowing audiences for decades. With their seamless blend of rock, reggae, metal, hip-hop, funk, jazz, and acoustic styles, 311 has released 14 Billboard-charting albums, 4 full-length DVDs, 8 top-5 singles, 2 No. 1 singles, and one of the most loyal followings since The Grateful Dead.

Many years ago, the Mayor of New Orleans proclaimed March 11 officially “311-Day” and they’ve been celebrating the day ever since with landmark, top-selling, and even record-breaking Birthday Concerts (its also the birthday of my cat).

This year, 311 once again broke new ground by celebrating 311-Day on March 3rd, 2011 (3-3-11) on a Caribbean Cruise for 4 straight days of ROCK! To go with all the trimmings of a normal vacation cruise, you’re treated to 2 live shows from 311, Pepper, and DJ Soulman, an in-depth Q&A, setlists created by fan request, and individual photo sessions with the band.

311 is one of the rare breed of bands that play with a level of musicianship beyond any American rock band intricate enough to have the sound of 5 different bands in one. Yet, they fuse unparalleled talent with pop sensibilities making it appealing to the average rock fan. Thats why, after 20 years, no ones done anticipating new music year after year while more and more bands are influenced by them.


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2 Responses to Simon Theory: Happy 311 Day!!!!

  1. Jon Ardito says:

    Chad is my boy. Cool post and happy 311 day to you too

  2. Thanks Jon. Yeah, Chad’s the slickest drummer I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the comment and feel free to link our page everywhere. Happy 311 Day!

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