Money Shots!

It’s that time of the week again. Some call it hump day, but we’re just in it for the money shot. Here’s some links.

Absolutely one of the funniest words in the English language. Go!

Babies are adorable… I want want. Any volunteers to carry my seed? Go!

If I was famous, this is the only stuff I’d wanna do. The song aint bad either. Go!

This could come in handy. Go!

I want the Metropolis poster to hang above my large, hardwood desk in my fat, palatial estate. Go!

Big boobs and cats. Go!

I’ll be getting on a plane tomorrow, so be stoked for some vacation blogs! Reading that sentence back to in my head made me realize if I didn’t know I was the writer of this blog, I’d assume he (the writer) is going on vacation to suck some weiner.



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