Simon Theory: “The Fundamental Flaw of a Subscribed Hierarchy.”

Here’s 2 pieces of information that have more in common than you may think:

1. For nearly a century, the Aztec civilization believed it necessary to crack open a human chest cavity EVERY single morning to ensure that the sun would rise.

2. A dangerously fast-growing form of gang indoctrination (initiation) is to drive your car in the dead of night with your headlights off. And the first car to flash you a warning, is the car you must run to the side of the road and murder every single person in the vehicle.

Now, first and foremost, these rituals are far apart from each other in terms of time period so you can’t make the argument that times have changed. Second, what they have in common is they are both prime examples of established hierarchies used as modes of control over the lesser levels of power and influence. In essence, whether it be religion, gangs, special-interest groups (NAACP, GLAAD, PETA), political (democrat, republican), class (poor vs. wealthy), etc. the one common denominator among all organized hierarchies, is the modus operandi (mode of operation) that the many must sacrifice for the well-being of the privileged few.

Alienation and emotional isolation leads the masses to possess a want to belong or “fit in” which is how those of power always manage to influence their followers into believing that any sacrifice made is for the well-being of many; such as the suicide bomber striving for martyrdom for the benefit of others. This extreme form of hierarchy leads to fanatical leaps in judgement and is obviously an extreme case.

However, even modern-day social groupings can lead to corruption and criminal behavior and is still very active today. And with today’s youth finding it harder and harder to be an individual and think for themselves, it is important to encourage free-thinking and intelligence over conformity and fruitless searches for acceptance. We all belong to the human race and that should be the one social grouping that can bring us all together; instead of a few privileged shepherds holding reign over their sheep.


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