Money Shots!

Its the middle of the week, and that means Money Shots! Don’t forget to wipe your chin.

Robots are gonna take over, might at well enjoy them while they’re still cool and not terrifying. Go!

Fuck if I don’t wanna do a bunch of drugs and get dirty with a bunch of hippies. Goddam it’s a powerful urge. Go!

Apparently I’m in an artsy mood, because this is the third art post in a row today. Still worth it. Go!

I love me some breakfast, and I love me some Hunter S. Thompson. Go!

If you aren’t on drugs, this isn’t nearly as entertaining. Or maybe its not entertaining at all. Go!

I’m worth 9 goats, how about you? Go!

Thats all for this week folks.



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We have you don't have to.
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