Money Shots!

Many Bothans died to bring you these links.

I’d like to add my own paint to this work of art… penis paint. Get it? Like semen. Go!

Ignoring the fact that this dude looks like Hutch from Fanboys, this is a very funny collection of videos about working at a music store. Go!

Brief but funny. This describes every PBR drinkin, Wayfarer wearin, Organic Free-trade coffee loving, hipster douche I’ve met. Go!

I wonder how well this would actually work. People are pretty stupid, and easily distracted by anything remotely clever, so its worth a shot. Go!

This may be a repost, but fuck it; poop is always funny. Go!

If you’re a fan of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (and lets be honest, who isnt) then this is the link for you. Go!

Thats all for this week, but I’d like to finish with some advice. Masturbate as often as possible, because you never know when you’re gonna die.



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We have you don't have to.
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