Review: Scream 4

Simon Theory’s 1-Line Summary: A remake of a spoof of a satire of a genre flick in a long line of sequels boils down to a sloppy mess of “almost” moments never quite panning out to its full potential.

Rating: Wait til DVD, but don’t buy it. Netflix.

It must be stated that I loved Scream and I found much to like about the subsequent 2 films. Satirizing well-established genre flicks usually pulls most moviegoers on one side of the fence and its usually a “love-it-or-hate-it” type of reaction. Well, I loved Scream so I was looking forward to what Time(T) + Original Creators(O) multiplied by Major Hollywood Cast($) would equal to:

(T+O) x $ = Bullshit(BS)

With Screen Legend Wes Craven and Scream (and Dawson’s Creek) creator Kevin Williamson back together again, I was hoping Scream 4 could capitalize on the flood of new horror films murdering its way through Tinseltown’s box-office number crunchers. However, what you get is a severely detached film from the original, cheesy knock-offs of the original cast of characters and, even with an enormous cast, has very few murder suspects for the audience to ponder over. If I was humane, I would just tell you who the killer was and save you the $10.50 but some douchebag did that to Lord John Marbury and he wasn’t too happy so I’l abstain (FYI, in the Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis is a ghost the entire time. Whammy!!!)

Anyways, Neve Campbell walks lifeless through the flick like she belongs in a zombie film instead, but its somewhat appropriate for a character so sick of being stalked by psychopaths, she’d rather just have it out instead of all this running. Wes Craven creates several thrilling moments where Campbell’s “Sydney Prescott” bravely runs directly into the fray instead of the typical damsel in distress which was quite commendable. Emma Roberts is cute as hell, the 2 new film geeks replacing Jaime Kennedy offer several laughs but very little else in the way of pop-culture commentary. The saddest part was that you could have easily cut Courtney Cox and David Arquette out of the film and not have changed a god damn thing by way of the films atmosphere and plot which tells you just how well their careers are going outside of this franchise.

Finally, some directing advice from me directly to Wes Craven: “More Adam Brody!!! If you’ve got Adam Brody in your film, you let him do whatever the fuck he wants and just thank God you’ve got Adam Brody in your film.”


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