Money Shots!!!

That brings the score to Cop: 1  Stoners: 25. Go!

Proof that talent is not required for art. Go!

They may come for you…SOON!!! Several comedic moments of impending doom caught on film. Go!

“Zombies!! Quick! Lay on the ground!” Go!

Street Art: The last vestige of artistic Counter-Culture rebellion left. These are some of the best. Go!

The Invisible Rope Prank. Materials needed: Not a fucking thing. Go!

Racism In The Elevator. Hey…we’ve all been there. Go!

And Finally The Greatest Stop Motion Short Film Of All Time!!! Go!


About This Week's Obsession

We have you don't have to.
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One Response to Money Shots!!!

  1. That first one could be called Cops-0, Stoners-25.

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