Hippy: “Sublime: The Sequel”

Forget all about this new “Sublime With Rome” moniker that seems to be getting in the way of a lot of old school fans. SUBLIME IS BACK and just in time for the summer. Not a modern Sublime, or an emo Sublime, or punk rock Sublime. This is the real deal. OG rhythm section Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh along with Sublime Sax/Keys Todd Foreman has found, if not a replacement, then a damn fine alternative with Rome Ramirez; most known for singing the hook to the Dirty Heads breakout single of 2010, “Lay Me Down” as well as some of the most viewed vids from YouTubes short-lived series “Raw Sessions”.  Rome brings the same fresh, soulful, Bradley Nowell style more reminiscent of “40 Ounces To Freedom”: Fresh, organic, and honest. Not as poppy melodically as their “Self-Entitled” crossover album and not as raw and coarse and unpolished as “Robbin the Hood”, this is the fresh, versatile, jam band style we’ve been waiting for. So without further adieu, this is Sublime’s first new track in 15 years: “PANIC”.

Pretty damn smooth if you ask me. Look for Sublime With Rome on the 311 Summer Unity Tour this summer. 311 & Sublime: The two Titans of SoCal.


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