Money Shots!

How did the offer to wet someone’s whistle ever not sound dirty? Yet, it still came into common use. Old-timey people are so weird! Here are some links, to wet your whistle.

What I secretly hoped for every time Kirstie Alley fell on Dancing with the Stars. Go!

This is probably the most I’ll ever respect Greenday’s Billie Joe Armstong. Go!

“They aint monsters, they’re monSTARS!” ~ Michael Jordan’s Relevance. Go!

This is actually impressive, I got Jurassic Park and I’d definitely put it on my shortlist. Go!

The gays can be so catty. Go!

Since the new movie is in its way to theaters, and I’m a huge dork. Go!

Jesus Facepalmed. John 11:35. Go!

I weep for the generations that follow us. (Lord John Marbury likes this!) Go!

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