Simon Theory: “Economics 101-The .99 Value Meal”

With inflation rising faster than the minimum wage, the country’s deficit running on steroids thanks to 2 wars and the first wartime tax cut in the history of this country (and it went to the rich), and a stimulus package for a consumer country that’s like giving an alcoholic a $1000 drink tab:

Hey…I get it. It can be quite overwhelming but not all is lost. There is still one last indicator as to the financial stability of the great U.S. The 99 Cent Value Meal:

For decades, this reliable, comforting, family-friendly solution to over-priced, over-hyped meal options has stood by us when times got tough and has continued to weather the storm of inflation, price spikes, recessions, and corporate greed as a constant reminder of where we want to be. The day we lose this, is the day our country should panic.

And its definitely on the horizon. Wendy’s .99 Cent meal has been changed to the “Value Meal” where prices are now up to $1.29 as a sign of the changing times. Jack’s 99 Cent Big Cheeseburger is now around 2 dollars. They say “As China goes, so goes the Nation”. Well China means nothing without the 99 Cent Value meal. The loss of this National Treasure is the symbolic tipping point we’ve all been on the watch for. And its not just food. There are 99 Cent Stores going out of business across the country. The last vestige of value we have left is this sacred tomb of community outcry for a government and Free-Trade Capitalism that has abandoned any form of social responsibility. However, with rising gas prices and rising calorie count, my suggestion is to  ride a bike to these value meals cuz you seriously get what you pay for.

To conclude this economics lesson: The solutions are simple. End Oil and Farm Subsidies, get the top 1% income earner’s tax rate back to 35% AND pay the same 6.9% we all pay for Social Security and the economy will be fixed FOREVER. And we’ll have this great legacy of American ingenuity AND VALUE to leave to our grandkids. 99 Cents Makes Sense.


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