Lord John Marbury: Shaq-Attack

Can we talk about Sports?

Did that question seem as awkward and forced to read as it was to write? My geek-culture addled brain tried to autocorrect the word sports to sporks, which are, believe it or not, a far more frequent topic of discussion in my world than sports. Aside from being a die hard fan of The League, on FX, I find there is really no space in my noggin for grown men playing with balls and getting paid exorbitant sums of paper to do so. That being said, I found this picture hilarious, but that maybe because I’ve loved this dude since he bumbled his way through Shazam. It seems like when no one else can, Shaq delivers (unless we’re talking about the free throw line, he’s terrible!**) so I wouldnt expect him to take popcorn as anything less serious than a heart attack. What a man.

I wonder if its difficult to order popcorn monosylabically?

**This is the only sports joke I know, and I’m not entirely sure I didn’t make it up in my own head.


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