Hippy: “Generation: Whatever”

We are the “Whatever” Generation. The age of “I don’t care”, “fuck it”, “not my problem”, and the always popular “What’s it got to do with me?” Nobody gives a shit. Not really. And I get it. Why learn about the world when, within seven seconds of opening your MacBook, you can be in a photo-realistic grenade battle with an 8 year old in Saigon or watching underage Hungarian gang-bang videos. But is it too much to ask for our generation to be engaged and proactive? And I could care less whether you have the same world view as me.  Fight Me! Call me a Liberal, elitist, latte-sipping socialist scumbag! Fuck it! I dont care what you call me. Just care about something enough to engage it! Because, when you’re done “whatever”-ing your life away, the world will absolutely blow your fucking minds. And you’ll finally be more than a procreating semen donor or an overpriced baby incubator recklessly and narcissistically bringing another human being into a world you had no hand in participating in. Because, as far as I can tell, the “Whatever” Generation is producing some pretty useless, God Damn apathetic babies

who will be raised by “Whatever” parents and have front row seats to the decline of Western Civilization. And, when God asks your child why he or she didn’t do more, all they’ll have to say is: “Whatever. Not my problem.”

Cynics will tell you that you can’t change the world. I say it’s not about changing the world. It’s about changing your world. Around you. The people you speak to, the jobs you work, the groups you join, and the children you affect. Change your world. Earth will be fine. Its about doing your part.



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