Simon Theory: “Tax The Rich, Bill O’Reilly quits!!”

"We'll do it live!!!"

Now thats what I call a tax incentive.


As a bit of a follow-up to yesterday’s post regarding raising taxes on the wealthy, I thought I’d throw this funny clip up real quick for 2 reasons:
1. Bill O’Reilly falsely states that upper-class tax rates could surpass 50%. No one in Government has proposed tax rates that high on the rich since the 1970s so where’d he pull that figure from? Probably the same place Republicans pulled the figure that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s services are Abortion-related even though its really only 10-12%
2. Cuz its funny! Click Here and see!!

I mean, I actually like Bill O’Reilly and enjoy his show but if O’Reilly is trying to intimidate us by saying, not only will we improve our economy and reduce the deficit, but that THIS GUY will quit his job:

I mean, come on! This guys had it coming for a while. I. Am. Down.



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