Simon Theory: “Rest In Hell, Andrew Breitbart”

Within hours of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy, Andrew Breitbart immediately took to vilifying the senator of Massachusetts with less than respectful criticisms using terms such as “prick” or “villain” or “duplicitous bastard”. He even said Kennedy was “a special pile of human excrement.”Its because of this that I justify ripping the recently deceased a new asshole cuz he really was an immoral peice of shit.

For those that don’t know and there’s many, shit-flinging front-runner Andrew Breitbart was an anti-government, libertarian, talk show host/blogger who rose to fame and attention as the leader of the witch hunts known as “Weinergate“: The Anthony Weiner sexting scandal where Breitbart first said he had no plans to release pictures of Weiner’s weiner then “leaked” said pic on the Opie and Anthony show. Classy.

The self-proclaimed “Firebrand” and “Public Enemy NO. 1” (who calls himself that? Barely anybody knows you), Breitbart first entered the public sphere working on the Drudge Report. But most recently, he made a name for himself by riding on Sarah Palin’s coat tails as a no-nonsense tea-bagger or, second rate Glen Beck. He told Occupy Wall Street to “stop raping people”, he purposefully manipulated video with FOX News of a NAACP speech which led to the firing of Shirley Sherrod, purposefully manipulated video to incriminate ACORN, and planned on “destroying the institutional left”. The world has lost no one and now, his fanatics are running around with conspiracy theories that Obama had Breitbart killed. Sorry to burst your bubble, freaks. But HE DIDNT MATTER ENOUGH to warrant an oval office assassination. He was just a shit-talking rabble-rouser and I’ve exceeded my allotted time on such an insignificant man. Peace!


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