Hippy: “I knew that band before they got popular.”

WellingtonThe internet has always been a powerful tool for communication and inovation and this is a wonderful example of how technology innovates art. Four young musicians used the internet and YouTube to create music profiles of themselves performing covers and debuting original music with flair and personality developing their own individual followings. However, it wasn’t until David, Ricky, Jose, and Troy found each other via Internet and fused each others talents to create a brand new band with a collection of jam sessions, humorous improv, covers, updates, and more. The band, “Wellington”, was created solely online to reach fans far beyond their geographical limitations bringing their micro-online followings together with fans all over the world without the support of record labels, management teams, or publicists. But they’re still new and relatively unknown. They’re still free to grow organically using the Internet for self-promotion which makes them quite an inspiring story that many artists can follow. We’ve always longed for technology and the Internet to democratize art and create more avenues for self-promotion or self-distribution, yet the success rate is still incredibly low. However, this is a band thats really making waves using available, affordable, technology to do it. Here’s their first single but theres a whole lot more material to discover if your interested.

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