Hippy: “Thank You Internet For All The Great Music.”

Perhaps its a new strand of weed or, perhaps I’m on sabbatical from Kevin Smith’s Smodcast Internet Radio, but I’ve been really digging a lot of new music lately. We all know the mainstream music scene’s a joke full of homogenized, assembly line, pre-cooked music formulas but, thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to settle for the slop that’s shoveled in our troughs. Bands and artists are exploding everywhere and no more middle-man to tell you what to like, how to find it, and how to get your hands on it. Big ups to Joe Rogan for continuing one of the best podcasts on the net, The Joe Rogan Experience for turning me onto this great new band, “Honey Honey“.

Musical duo Suzanne Santo(vocals, banjo, violin) and Ben Jaffe(vocals, guitar) blend folk, soul, country, pop & rock with a jazzy, fresh female vocalist that offers such a breath of fresh air from all the predictable, over-produced crap. I’m gonna smoke some Diesel and mellow out to their album “Billy Jack” right now.

Hippy’s Brainwaves:  SHARP  (STONED)


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