Simon Theory: “Hindsight: Republican’s Worst Enemy”

Back in 2007-2008, The Republicans began their fear-mongering campaign against then-Senator Obama with accusations and doomsday scenarious normally reserved for really bleak, dystopian, Sci-Fi novels. But now, 4 yrs after President Obama’s election campaign really began, “Hindsight” has reared its ugly little head and has got all the Republicans backpedaling like cowards when their accusations of Unamerican, pro-Islamic, Socialism never actually came true. Having to create enough content for the 24 hour news cycle, it’s easy for politicians to make up lies about their opponents and have it covered for 48 hours before anyone can even attempt to corroborate attacks.  But these attacks prove quite destructive when they prove to be untrue.

Trying desperately to villify Obama, they’ve made incredibly unfounded and irrational “whacked-out claims” about what would happen to American following Obama’s first presidential term. Luckily, we have the hindsight to look back at just how irrationally unfounded these “prophecies” really were, and exactly how moderate and centrist Obama really has been. And remember, every whacked-out claim wasn’t made by FOX News or Grover Norquist, but actual Republican members of Congress and presidential nominees. There’s a lot you can accuse Obama of doing or not doing, but every one of these are facts free for you all to scrutinize at your leisure. Enjoy:

Whacked-Out Claim No. 1: The economy would become socialized.

Truth: Obama bailed out the banks, saved the auto-industry, created 2 yrs of straight economic growth, and used the public’s tax dollars to do it. Hes also cutting corporate tax rates from 35% to 28% and will give endless tax breaks to manufacturers who hire Americans first, and created 2.6 million private sector jobs. This is the exact opposite of Socialism. Its Democrats who should be upset about this, not Republicans.

Whacked-Out Claim No. 2: Al Quaeda & Radical Islamists will thrive and be an even greater threat than ever.

Truth: Obama got Osama Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki, completely dismantling Al Quaeda. He removed Muammar Quaddafi and liberated Libya, oversaw the deafet of Al Quaeda in Yemen without losing a single American soldier, and brought more stability and security to the Middle Eastern region than has ever existed before.

Whacked-Out Claim No. 3: Obama will allow Iran to have nuclear weapons.

Truth: Obama has done what Bush couldnt do in 8 years which was mobilized the entire International community against Iran, established sanctions holding Iran hostage until they abandon all nuclear development, and guaranteed the use of force should Iran continue with measures to arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Again, very anti-liberal.

Whacked-Out Claim No. 4: Obama will wage war on gun owners and dismantle the second amendment.

Truth: Not only has Obama done nothing to limit 2nd amendment rights, but he signed the rights to carry concealed weapons into national parks and AmTrak trains, thereby extending the rights of gun-owners. Again, its Democrats who should be going after his 2nd Ammendment record. Instead, Republicans and the NRA are trying to convince you all that Obama’s disregarding the Constitution and will take your guns away.

Whacked-Out Claim No. 5: Obama will allow Mexican immigrants to flood our country.

Truth: Obama has deported more illegal immigrants per year than Bush. And, while Republicans will have you believe that Obamacare gives health insurance to illegals, they haven’t been able to produce any evidence because Obamacare doesn’t provide coverage to illegals. At All. Which leads to the next whacked-out claim:

Whacked-Out Claim No. 6: Obama will socialize health care.

Truth: Holy crap, did the Republicans do a great job fighting a press war on this one. They’ve convinced a lot of people that he has socialized healthcare. But first, Health Care is not run by the government at all but is, in fact, still run by existing private insurance companies. Obama just regulated that private companies no longer be allowed to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. Simple, moral, and to be honest, the “Christian” thing to do. Jus’ sayin’. So, between covering people for pre-existing conditions, allowing young people to stay on their parents health insurance for 2-4 years longer than before, and covering 4 millon previously uninsured children under the age of 18, all while reducing healthcare costs, nothing has changed from Bush’s healthcare plan. THATS IT! Death panels dont exist, government takeovers dont exist, government alternatives dont exist, etc etc. Obamacare doesn’t even require small business to provide healthcare to their employees (another point that pissed off Democrats). That was all just part of the Republican smear campaign to villify Obama.


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