Simon Theory: “To Non-Obama Voters…”

To all those not voting for Obama in 2012, I say to you…

Go Fuck Yourselves!!!!

Seriously, Obama may not have done a lot to warrant you voting for him, but he hasn’t done anything to warrant you not voting for him. And in this geo-political climate, thats saying a lot. The only other options are a bunch of mini-Bush accidents waiting to happen. Plus…

…Obamas a fucking Bad-Ass!!!  


The the Republican hopefuls are pieces of shit who’ll do anything to get elected! Minus weed and Guantanemo Bay, he did everything he said he would He didn’t bullshit anybody. And he killed more terrorists than “Yippe-Cay-Yay!, Mother-Fucker” John McClane!! He’s a bad ass! 


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One Response to Simon Theory: “To Non-Obama Voters…”

  1. thinkoutsidetheboxforachange says:

    You assume that the only other options are Republicans, who are equally as bad as Democrats if not worse.

    And there’s nothing ‘bad-ass’ about sending toy planes with rockets and vaporizing people who have no shot at retaliation. And if him being a ‘bad ass’ is the best argument you can come up with for me to vote for him…well, sorta speaks for itself.

    Only weed and Gitmo? How about the continuation of secret prisons in undisclosed locations abroad? How about continuing to authorize military actions without the consent of congress?

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