Simon Theory: “GOP Attacks the Right To Vote”

 A long time ago, when Americans said America is the greatest country in the world, it was widely accepted as true largely in part to 2 human rights that many other countries did not have.

1. The Right to Free Speech

2. The Right to Vote


The Republicans have done what they can to “restrict” the 1st Amendment granting free speech from book burning, to family watchdog organizations, to censorship, to prohibiting any media coverage of returning dead soldiers from Iraq, to barring anti-war protests,to accusations of Treason for anyone with the nerve of challenging the Republican President’s authority, etc. Now, it seems, they’re reigning in on our 2nd most important right as American citizens. The Right to vote. Watch This (The facts check out):

Republicans are forcing new Voter ID laws to crack down on the “rampant” surge of Voter Fraud cases totaling a whopping 00004% of voters (86 people) while simultaneously prohibiting 11% (20 million people) of voters (mostly Democrat) from voting. And most of those 20% are minorities, college students, single parents, elderly, disabled, poor, etc. Demographics most likely to vote Democrat.

And even worse, you have Republican State Representative Mike Turzai coming right out and stating the GOP’s intentions that cracking down on Voter Fraud will directly lead to Rep. Mitt Romney winning the Presidential Election!

Keep saying it doesn’t affect you. One day you wont be allowed to vote so you’ll be free to watch as much reality TV, pop out as many kids, and post on Facebook as many pics of your food as you want. And leave the running of this Governmentt to people who feel you’re too stupid to have an opinion. Enjoy the ignorance, breeders!


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