Hippy: “Jason Silva on ‘Abundance’

JasonSilva1Tired of everybody bitching about problems and bringing you down? This might be the guy for you. Jason Silva is what the world is calling a Performing Philosopher, Digital DJ, or Techno-Optimist. He’s been called a “Futurist”, “Timothy Leary of the Viral Age”, “Epiphany Addict”, and “Ray Kurzweil meets Neo”. But his job titles are Filmmaker/Journalist/Orator/TV Host.

I wont go into a long bio but his passion are these little 2 minute short bursts of existential clarity he likes to call “shots of JasonSilva2philosophical espresso.” In it, he tries to take incredibly grand ideas about humanity and, with visuals and music, simplify these ideas while also showing its relevance to modern society and our future. He claims “there is so much information out there for everyone to absorb, that I feel I only have the right to ask for 2 minutes of your attention.” In this “Mind-gasm”, he shares his thoughts on a book called “Abundance” trying to inform a world full of starving and hungry that technology will solve the crisis of “Abundance” (hence the clever book title):

Jason Silva is currently hosting the hit show “Brain Games” which can be found on NatGeo’s network. “Join the global conversation.”



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One Response to Hippy: “Jason Silva on ‘Abundance’

  1. advances in 3d printing, nanotechnology, and green energy are leading forces in the race towards abundance… it gives you hope for the future rather than the gloom and doom that is dominating the media.

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