Hippy: “Red Eyes, Full Hearts”

“Here’s a theory for you all to disregard…” Smoking weed doesnt actually make anything better…it just makes you appreciate everything more. Think about it for a second. While many different strains have many different effects on the human body, one of the most universal and medically relevant effects of marijuana is the numbing of physical and mental sensation. Marijuana relieves pains, relieves stress, improves immune functions, lowers anxiety, etc. All of which have to do with the lowering of your body’s awareness so why do stoners swear that sex is better or food is better or jokes are funnier while high? Because they’re not.
While high on marijuana, you feel less. But your day-to-day mental blocks are down. Being stoned during sex actually lowers the physical sensations, slows down the signals being sent to your brain, and lowers mental stimulation. But you appreciate the way sex feels so much more. That’s not a physical response; it’s an emotional one. To heighten your sexual enjoyment, you actually need something like Onnit’s AlphaBrain which increases focus and mental functions.
One of the universal truths in this country is that we have all that we need and we’re just too scatterbrained or emotionally vulnerable or mentally stressed to appreciate all our good fortune. That is where marijuana’s true wonder kicks in. Weed is bottled happiness. It is pure joy. It is chemically reinforced happiness. Marijuana doesn’t make anything better. The opposite, in fact. It numbs your mind to this massively over-stimulated world allowing you to rid your thoughts of worries and stress and doubt and pessimism and ambitious needs to multi-task and allows you to be truly in the moment…which is where happiness resides.
I say marijuana makes you think and feel less. And that’s a good thing. Because in this rapidly changing, hyper-paced, A.D.D. world we live in, we humans so rarely stop to smell the roses anymore.



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