Simon Theory: “The Modern Man”

-What happened to all the Real Men? The straight-shooters who spoke up when necessary and believed in things and never spoke in cliches and were loyal and dependable. The man you could depend on to say what needed to be said and never took their issues out on others. Real men that always projected confidence, not cockiness. That were humble, not inferior.
Not to say I support this antiquated view of “Macho” still prevalent in certain circles of the world. They were simple-minded and embraced ignorance. They didn’t know how to care for a woman or see true beauty. nothing had depth, everything was just on the surface. Men had to evolve sooner or later to be more tolerant and compassionate, self-aware of their feelings, worldly and intellectual. They had to develop ambition and optimism and a belief in greater possibilities. Absolutely.
But real men once had a frankness and directness about them that more closely resembled honesty. But as we developed an emotional awareness that more resembled a woman’s, we began taking on some of their lesser attributes. We got catty and self-absorbed. We started to gossip and talk behind peoples back. We watched instead of engaged and we hid behind this “Whatever” attitude for fear of society rejecting us. So the more men started to behave like women while maintaining our egos and pride, the more we resembled liars and cowards.


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