Barry Jive: Queens of the Stoneage “…Like Clockwork” Review

Like-Clockwork-art After a six year hiatus, the ironically titled “…Like Clockwork” was released and all frustration about the long wait were assuaged. Honestly, the long wait didn’t seem that long, as the last album I purchased by QOTSA was 2001’s “Songs for the Deaf” and here I’m just borrowing a line from an Amazon review. Moving on; according to Wikipedia and said review, this is the sixth album by the Stoner Rock veterans, following 2007s “Era Vulgaris“. Also according to Wikipedia, front man Josh Homme used the time between albums to immerse himself in several side projects, including the incredible supergroup Them Crooked Vultures (Incredible by the standards of a co-worker of mine, as I’ve not nearly enough experience with them to supply such superlative compliments. He happened to be on lunch while I was writing this and decided to give me a sample of their artistry; but I was too horrified by the experience of having another mans ear-bud headphones in my ears to truly grok the experience.). So many places for germs to hide.
That being said, the new album was definitely worth the wait, delivering the trademark QOTSA crunch, power and melodic dissonance (hooray thesaurus app!) I listened to it all in a particularly traffic filled foggy SF morning crossing the bay bridge from Oakland to SF. My headlights actually lit up the fog like in a Scooby Doo episode, even thoughit was ten AM and needless to say, the joint in my hand was the final ingredient in what I can only call a “Right place, right time, right iTunes implulse-buy” experience. Separately, I ate a pot brownie and drove through the most advanced automated carwash I’ve ever experience, just as the track ‘My God Is The Sun” queued up on my iPhone and it was a stoner boner for sure. All in all, with guest appearances by Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Elton John (Fall Out Boy and QUOTA… oh Elton you sly minx), “…Like Clockwork” deserves a chong and a good listen, especially if one is facing down inclement weather.
600 points for excellent listenability, but you’d better be high, and I feel is necessary to subtract about 56 points for starting the album title with and ellipses.
like-clockworkAnd if you didnt like that… Lord John has some Bookshelves for you! GO.

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