Lord John Marburry: The Tolerance Break

Any good Buddhist will tell you the path to nirvana is moderation, and marijuana is no exception. The tolerance break is a long practiced tradition amongst habitual, high-functioning stoners, and there is good evidence to show that it actually heightens and sharpens ones mentality state whilst baked, rather than dumbing them down. In its most basic form, the tolerance break is just like it sounds; it is a break from partaking in the sweet herb.

WHAT?!? Are you high?! Who in their right mind would want to stop one of the greatest habits one might start? If you’re dating a super model, you don’t take a night off from nailing a supermodel… amiright?

This was my way thinking for a long time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Humans have brains wired for addiction, its no surprise that when we find something we like, our brain tries to trick us in any way possible so that we keep doing it. But, any stoner can also tell you that they’ve hit the “high fatigue.” That feeling where you’ve spend like 5 days in a row baked and now all you want is to see the sky again. Maybe it happened because you misestimated the strength and longevity of a particularly strong brownie, or maybe because you twomped out so hard you slept through 14+ hours of your day’ too lazy to turn off the Spongebob Squarepants DVD menu thats playing on repeat in the next room. Whatever the case may be, sometimes you just need to poke your head above the clouds and get your bearings for a bit. Thus… the tolerance break.


If you haven’t reached that point yet, do yourself a favor and prolong the fun by taking a day or two off. For some of us more tried and true heads, take a week or even a month. MJ will always be there when you get back, and she’ll let you slip back into her like a good high school girlfriend on your first winter break back from college. Plus, with the benefit of time away and age, you’ll appreciate her all that much more.

With that being said, today I embark on a two week pot cleanse. That means lots of roughage, lots of water and exercise, and lots of me thinking I’m funnier than I really am. Its gonna be tough, but I know I’ll be a better man for it. Catch you all on the flip side.



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