Simon Theory: “Attention Christians”

Attention Christians! If you don’t want the government to allow gays to marry, then get your church to stop taking all those big tax breaks from the government and remove all federal benefits from your religious cer–oh wait. You guys don’t believe in the sanctity of marriage THAT much, do you.

That’s what you can never get Christians to acknowledge in a debate. They’re always railing on and on about keeping the government out of church and freedom of religion and all of these assaults on Christianity etc. but the second you go after their checkbook, they clam up REAL fast. For complete and total control over their religious freedom, all they have to do is stop taking the endless, over-abundance of tax breaks and the cornucopia of federal benefits that come with A FEDERALLY RECOGNIZED MARRIAGE, then you can do whatever you want. So, in conclusion…

Christians: Pay your fucking taxes or shut the fuck up.


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