Lord John Marburry: Mickey and the art of Zig-Zags


In about a month, I’ll be at Disneyland. Some folks don’t understand the adult draw of the Happiest Place on Earth, but for a pop-culture saturated mind like my own, Disneyland combines the best aspect of set design, commercialization and pop culture to create what I can only describe as a living breathing piece of art, where crowds and lines are the brush strokes and… lines that put the fishing touches on a place perpetually facing finishing touches. As you can see, this is a big thing for me. This is what we’ve been working toward since we started; this is my Mecca.

For this adventure, I must be mentally strong. For this adventure, I must prepare; be nimble of mind and free of the burdens of the mortal plane. For this adventure, I must be stoned beyond belief.

Senbazuru is the Japanese art of folding 1000 paper cranes in the hopes that upon completion, you will be granted inner peace, or a wish or personal contentment. This particular art is so powerful in Japanese culture that folding 1000 cranes was used as a test by JAXA for potential astronauts. I’m not superstitious, nor am I Japanese, and lets face it, folding that shit is hard. I can’t fold fitted sheet, let alone a thousand paper cranes. I have no experience in that department and I can’t spare three minutes to YouTube instructions… but I can roll a joint.


So that is my Everest. For the next 30 days, as a measure of patience, I will roll one J, as perfect as I can possibly roll it, per day. In this time, I will not saturate my mind with TV, Netflix, Facebook or even aural stimulation like music and podcasts. Once my daily task is started, I will be singularly focused one its completion, in a nearly meditative state, until its completion.

Will I need 30 joints to get from the Bay area, through four days in LA, and back to the Bay? Maybe.

Will being thoroughly baked at the happiest place on earth improve upon that very premise? Probably.

Will I gain something valuable and learn a bit about myself from my task or like Sisyphus, am I dooming myself to an endless cycle with no clear reward? Only time will tell, but the smart money is on me learning something.


Note: I did not roll these, but in the amount of time it took me to GIS this photo, I could have gotten half way there.


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