My Posts:

“Greatest Guitar Solo Ever (Studio)”. Unbelievable what man can do.

“Red Eyes, Full Hearts.” Marijuana is Pure Joy.

“Jason Silva on Abundance.” My own personal guru for your consumption.

“We Missed You Too…” We’re back with another fetishized library pic!

“Greatest Morning Ever.” Does that need explaining?

“Thank You Internet For All The Great Music”. If Its good enough for Joe Garrelli, it’s good enough for me.

“I knew that band before they got popular.” You’re all so proud of yourselves when you “discover” unknown bands. Heres one.

“It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s Here!” It will be mine. Oh yes. The Millennium Falcon Bass Guitar will be mine.

“If I Was Rich…” there’s lots of weed and vagina in the works but I’d also want this Epic Library.

“Generation: Whatever”. I’m tired of belonging to a generation who doesn’t give a shit about anything. And so should you.

“Sext Chat.” Just an odd, vulgar, inappropriate exchange between two clearly homosexual, sexually repressed individuals….me and Simon Theory.

“Sublime: The Sequel.” Sublime with Rome releases their first new single in 15 years and it doesn’t disappoint. Time to smoke 2 joints.

“Barkeep, A Rum & Coke.” With the flavor of Rum still fresh on my lips, these words linger like errant thoughts resurfacing. I’m drunk.

“Dr. Cox’ Concrete Certainties.” I may not believe in God, but I believe in Dr. Cox.

“The Three Seashells.” Just thought I’d put a bee in the masses of modern culture’s bonnet.

“Preachy Bumper Stickers.” The world could use funny ones a lot more.

“Stuck Here In Standby” Just a little poem I write about feeling stuck in one place while I watch everyone else go on with their lives.


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